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All Your Questions - Answered

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How old and what condition are our motorcycles? 

We are constantly adding new bikes to the fleet with the majority being under 5 years old.  All our rental motorcycles are maintained by qualified motorcycle mechanics and are New Zealand Government Transport certified as rental vehicles with a commercial Certificate of Fitness (COF). 
All bikes are stripped down over the winter and fully prepared for the summer season.  Each bike goes through our Christchurch workshop for a full safety check, service and test ride, when they return from hire to prepare them for the next hire.


Can I ride on gravel/shingle roads?

Yes, we are happy for our bikes to be taken on public gravel roads, this does not void your insurance.  Not all our bike models are good on gravel, please discuss with us your intended journey so we can help make the right decision on what bike or tyres you need. Please note our motorcycles are adventure touring bikes and not full off-road trail bikes.

Can I choose different tyres?

The standard tyres on our bikes bikes are designed for 50/50% on-road/off-road.

Different off-road 'Knobbly" tyres are available for an additional charge. Please discuss with us if you require a specific tyre choice.


What riding gear should I bring?

Bring warm waterproof gear, armoured jacket and pants, good boots, helmet and gloves. Don't forget good base layers to go under your riding gear in case it gets cold. Although you will most likely be riding in the summer, New Zealand is an island nation and the weather can be very changeable. We do have a limited amount of good used riding gear available for hire, please contact us for sizing.

Do you hire riding gear?

Yes, we have a limited range of good quality used riding gear available for hire including, Jackets, Pants, Helmets, Gloves. Unfortunately we do not hire motorcycle boots or footwear. We have a small selection of new gear available for purchase in our Christchurch store.

We can also pre-order and supply a large range of new motorcycle gear and accessories including backpacks, dry bags and other luggage for your trip. If you require any gear to be organised before your arrival please get in contact with sizing and we can discuss options.

What size panniers and top boxes are on my bike?

Our bikes come with different sized panniers.  We have a selection of Givi 40 ltr and Trekker 33-37 ltr panniers.  The top boxes range from 36 ltr to 45ltr.  We do not supply pannier inner bags.  For more information as to what specific panniers and top boxes are on your bike, please Email us.


What type of GPS do you have for hire? 

We use Garmin Zumo XT GPS units.  You are more than welcome to bring your own GPS and mounts to secure to the bike before leaving our depots.  Email us to check what mounting options your bike has. 


What documentation do we need to get into New Zealand?

Passport and visa.  You will need to check with your travel agent as to what is needed for entry to New Zealand.  Click here for more information for NZ imigration.


What happens if we have a breakdown?

We do our best with preventative maintenance to ensure you have a trouble free ride.  If you do have a puncture, chain requiring adjustment, oil top up etc you will need to arrange this yourself.  We recommend that you take the bike to a local motorcycle workshop.  If you require assistance we are only a phone call away.  If you do have a breakdown, in the first instance we will direct you to the closest motorcycle repair shop or arrange pick up by the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA). All our bikes have AA mechanical breakdown insurance which covers all non-driver related mechanical breakdowns free of charge. For driver related assistance e.g. lost keys, run out of fuel, punctures etc the AA technician will charge for the assistance. Full details can be found in our terms and conditions of hire published on our website. In the event of a major mechanical breakdown, our aim is to have a replacement bike to you within 24 hours or as soon as practicable. 

Default or damage:

Kiwi Motorcycle Rentals [the owner] shall have the right to terminate the tour of any person or persons and take immediate possession of the motorcycle if the hirer fails to comply with any of the terms of the rental agreement, or if the motorcycle is damaged.  The termination of the hire under the authority of this clause shall be without prejudice to the other rights of the owner and the rights of the hirer under this agreement or otherwise. If you damage the bike and it is un-rideable, that is the end of your hire.  If you wish to continue riding, you will need to hire another bike (another hire agreement) and another bond/insurance excess will be required.  Kiwi Motorcycle Rentals retain the right to refuse a second hire if we deem the hire to be of too high risk.  For our full downloadable rental agreement please click here

How much is the deposit?

Bike Hire:  A minimum 20% deposit is required when you book a motorcycle to secure your booking and motorcycle choice. Our confirmed receipt of the deposit payment will secure your booking. The remainder of the costs are payable prior to the commencement of your rental or when you pick up the bike. 

Is Motorcycle Insurance included?

Yes. All motorcycle rental rates include full comprehensive motorcycle insurance cover. It covers damage to the motorcycle, fire and theft only. The hirer is separately liable for any accessories hired with the motorcycle. The hirer accepts the insurance cover at the point of signing the hire agreement, details of which are set out in the hire agreement. The hirer acknowledges that they are aware of all the exclusions detailed in the hire agreement. The hirer also acknowledges that they are liable in respect of the excess amount for damage or loss as specified below.

What is the Insurance Bond?

All motorcycle hires require a compulsory Insurance Bond pre-authorisation hold placed on your Credit Card at pick-up. This bond is equal to the insurance excess in the event of any damage to either the motorcycle, any accessories or third party property. At the end of the hire the hold authorisation will be cancelled and funds released provided the motorcycle and accessories are returned undamaged, intact and there has been no damage or loss to any third party. This includes minor items such as scratches, seat damage, lost keys etc. If the motorcycle, accessories or any third party have suffered any damage or loss Kiwi Motorcycle Rentals will make an assessment of the monetary value of such damage or loss, and after advising the hirer, will deduct this value from the credit card nominated in this agreement, up to the full excess depending on the nature and extent of the damage. The hirers maximum liability is limited to the Insurance Bond/Excess amount, plus any cost of recovery of the motorcycle. In the event we are unable to clearly make this assessment due to excess damage we will charge the full amount of the excess to your nominated credit card.

How much is the Insurance Bond?

  • $2,500.00 for all bikes

  • $5,000.00 for all riders under 25 years old (all bikes).

Can I pay extra to reduce the excess payment?

No, this is not an option in our insurance policy and is not available.

Does the rental include Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance for you [the rider] is not included. In New Zealand any injuries you sustain from road accidents are covered by the NZ Government's excellent Accident Compensation system, including injuries to foreign visitors.  This covers hospital and other medical costs arising from injuries and avoids the need to sue another party to recover medical costs, but does not cover other consequential costs.  Full details of the Accident Compensation system (ACC) can be found here. We recommend that you arrange comprehensive travel insurance to cover any potential extra costs and disruption to your travel. 

Are there any Extra Fees or Charges?

The motorcycle must be returned to the depot with a full tank of fuel at the completion of hire. Failure to return the motorcycle with a full tank will incur a charge for the cost of fuel plus a $25.00 labour and administration fee.

Traffic fines or toll road notices that come in after the hire has ended will also be charged to your nominated card.

Cancellation - What if I can't come after I have booked - Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel up to 30 days before your hire start date with a refund of your deposit or full payment less administration or bank fees.

If you cancel less than 30 days prior to bike hire, a cancellation Fee of 20% of the hire agreement will apply.

If you cancel within 24 hours of the pickup time there is no refund.

There is no refunds for early return of your motorcycle if you decide to return the bike before the end date on your hire agreement.

What if I want to go home early? 

If you choose to finish your hire early/change your travel plans, we are unable to refund the unused portion of the rental.


What is GST?

Goods and Services Tax (GST), is a 15% sales tax which added to all goods and services sold in New Zealand. GST is included in all our prices.

How do I know I will get the bike of my choice?

Once we have confirmed your booking, we will guarantee you the motorcycle type that you have selected. Should there be a change due to unforeseen circumstances (such as the previous hirer damaging the bike) we will advise you in advance so that you may select another motorcycle or make alternative arrangements.

What if I want to drop off in Auckland or Christchurch?

Our head office and main depot is located in Christchurch. It is possible to have a one-way hire with drop off or pickup in Auckland or Christchurch, however there is a one-way hire and relocation fee applicable for hires less than 15 days. Please request in your booking and we will advise, or contact us to discuss.

Speeding Tickets & Fines, Traffic Infringement notices?

If you are caught speeding by the Police, and issued with a Traffic Infringement Notice you are required to pay the fine at a bank within 28 days.  If the speeding ticket arises from a speed camera it is the vehicle's owner that is fined.  As part of your rental agreement you authorise us to forward your contact details to the police, for any speed camera fines which may arrive in the post after you've left the country.  We will contact you for payment first.

How old do I have to be to hire a motorcycle off Kiwi Motorcycle Rentals?

Riders must be 21 years of age or over, and should have at least one years’ riding experience. We are strictly obliged to enforce this minimum age. 

Insurance Bond/Excess is higher for riders under 25 years of age. Please see our Insurance Terms & Conditions for more information.

What licence do I need to hire a motorcycle?

You must have a valid Drivers License with a motorcycle endorsement. Most overseas licenses are valid for use in New Zealand and the same restrictions apply as the country of origin. If your overseas license does not have a motorcycle endorsement, an international driving permit will be required.  Road Safety and compliance with New Zealand Road Laws are a condition of hire that all riders agree to ride in a safe and considerate manner and to abide by New Zealand road laws at all times, including the observance of speed limits and parking restrictions.  When you sign the rental agreement you are contracting to do this.  For overseas visitors it is a good idea to gain an understanding of New Zealand's road laws prior to arriving. We cover this in our pre-ride briefing, however you may like to visit this helpful website to ready yourself.


Can I hire a motorcycle if I have a learners or restricted licence?

Yes, you can hire a motorcycle that is LAMS compliant. Currently the only model on our fleet in this category is the KTM 390 Adventure.

If you are on a learners permit license you must display an 'L' plate on the rear of the motorcycle. We can supply this for you.

For more information on LAMS motorcycles and restrictions please visit this website -

What responsibility does Kiwi Motorcycle Rentals have?

Kiwi Motorcycle Rentals does not assume responsibility for bodily injury nor for any damage or loss to personal effects.  Kiwi Motorcycle Rentals is responsible for supplying a motorcycle in good mechanical condition with current registration and certificate of fitness as required by the New Zealand Government and Land Transport Safety Authority for rental vehicles.  We are not responsible, nor liable for speeding and or parking fines issued to customers by the authorities, weather, acts of God, nor any other circumstances beyond its control. Kiwi Motorcycle Rentals is not responsible or liable for delay, loss, damage or injury to persons or property and illness incurred during their stay in connection with or relating to the supply or omission of air, sea, land transportation services or of accommodation, meals, facilities, entertainment or other services provided to us.

If you have any other questions not covered here, please contact us.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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